Fundraising Advice & Guidance

Fundraising Process Details

Fundraising Pitch Deck Development

  1. Have an elevator pitch that is less than 20 seconds
    Investors are busy. They hear thousands of pitches every day. If you can’t catch their attention in the first 5 seconds, your chances of being heard drop dramatically.  If you can’t communicate the essence of your idea in less than 20, you’re sunk.
  2. Have a pitch deck with no more than 10 slides
    As above, investors value their time, and you have to prove that you’re worth it. If they are not leaning in after the first 2 slides, you’ve likely lost them.  If take more than 15 minutes to get your idea across, say thank you and leave.  Remember this simple fact: The person who does the most talking is losing.

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Investor Targeting for Fundraising

Not all investors are alike.  It’s important to match the right investors with your project.  This differs by client, but there are a couple of key rules to consider.

  1. Is the investor’s or investor group’s portfolio full?
  2. Do they have experience in your particular industry?
  3. Are they passionate about your industry?
  4. Are the returns they are expecting match the returns your are projecting?

Fundraising Pitch Meeting

There will likely be several pitch meetings scheduled.  It usually starts with an elevator pitch or an application.  Then, if selected, you will have a 15-30 min presentation in front of the group.  If you pass this stage, you will likely have an in depth meeting where you review the business plan and business model in great detail.

Due Diligence

If there is any activity that our clients have underestimated, it has been due diligence. This is the most lengthy part of the process.  Usually a more junior partner will spend hours pouring through your financials, processes, systems, and people.  This step can be a tremendous time burden for the organization if you are not prepared.

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