Why Have a Plan?

Do you want to grow, and be more successful than your competitors? If so, having a solid business plan is a great place to start.

Success Rate with a Plan
Twice as Likely to Succeed
Having a business plan doubles a business’ chance to be approved for a loan, to secure capital, and to grow.

Provides a Competitive Advantage
Nearly 2 out of every 3 businesses lack a business plan. Therefore, having a business plan can be a competitive advantage
Plan vs. No Plan

So Why Does a Business Plan Make You More Successful?
  1. Structured examination of the business model to ensure that it’s sound
  2. Requires a full market and competitive assessment
  3. Sets specific goals and objectives
  4. Develops actionable strategies to meet those goals
  5. Defines who the customer is, and what they want
  6. Clearly articulates your unique point of difference
  7. Succinctly outlines the product, services, and how they are relevant
  8. Enables a proper assessment of human and capital needs
  9. Generates the necessary financial documentation for financing
  10. Sets the basis for measurement & tracking
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