Stuck in First Gear

Based on the results from the Business Assessment, it looks like your business may be facing some issues. Sometimes, however, businesses get off to a rough start. 

That doesn’t mean you have should give up. It just means that you may have to go back to the basics and see what is causing the issues. Sometimes we learn some extremely valuable lessons or correct some simple mistakes. Then, the engine starts to purr.

There have been countless other businesses that started back at the drawing board and found their way through. We’d like you to meet one of them. His name is Andy.

Andy's Story

“I thought I had an amazing idea. I’ve always been so good at writing code. The benefit seemed so obvious to me that I thought everyone would love it. But, sales haven’t materials, and bills are getting harder to pay. I’m spending so much time thinking about the business that it’s not as fun as I thought it would be. I’m beginning to wonder if I made the right choice”

Andy has had a tough time getting his business off the ground. He thinks he has a great idea, but it’s been hard getting traction. He has been struggling to get funding, paying bills, and gaining customers. He is low on resources but big on ideas.

Given Andy’s situation, free business advisors are probably his best course of action.

struggling paycheck to paycheck

We Referred Andy to an NYC Small Business Center

Why would we turn away business? We were simply too expensive for Andy. We want small businesses to succeed. That’s why we started this company. We’re not in this industry to sell our services to a business that cannot afford them. These other sources were better suited to cater to Andy and could offer him some assistance for free. Andy couldn’t add expenses without risking his success. We wanted him to know that he could trust us to propose solutions that we right for his business, rather than just right for us. So, when he did turn things around, he knew where he could find the help he could trust.  The links below are for local organizations in each of the boroughs except for Staten Island. SCORE and SBA are national in scope for those outside of the 5 boroughs.