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5 Secrets Of Onboarding 100% Remote Workers Revealed By Hiring Experts And Leaders
“Of course, online portals can be jazzed up to make them more alluring. Brian Cairns, CEO of financial consultancy ProStrategix digitized and gamified the traditional onboarding curriculum. What used to be a checklist and employee handbook is now a series of slide shows and interactive videos, each with quizzes to do after completion.”

Business News Daily

Should You Set Your Business Up as an LLC or S Corporation?
“LLCs require business owners to file with the state the LLC was formed in, and these requirements may vary depending on the state, according to Brian Cairns, CEO of ProStrategix Consulting."

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ReachFurther (East West Bank)

What Every Small Business Needs to Know Before a Market Expansion
“"The first question you have to ask is, ‘If I’m going to expand, what makes the most logical sense for me from a cost standpoint, and from a profit standpoint and a revenue standpoint, as well?” Cairns said.”

Up Journey

What Is the Difference Between a Resume and Cover Letter?
“A resume aims to get the recipient to invite the applicant for an interview, while a cover letter aims to get the recipient to look at the applicant’s resume”

Business News Daily

Small Business Financing Options Without a Traditional Bank
“"Convertible debt can be a great way to finance both a startup and a small business, but you have to be comfortable with ceding some control of the business to an investor," said Brian Cairns, CEO of ProStrategix Consulting. "These investors are guaranteed some set rate of return per year until a set date or an action occurs that triggers an option to convert."”

persuasion by the pint podcast

Persuasion by the Pint

How to Generate More Leads: White Papers
On this episode, we’ll be discussing how to persuade prospects to do business with you using white papers and other forms of free reports. Brian Cairns shares his views.