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Simple Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Pharmacy Cash Flow
Many business owners equate profitability with success, a common conception which fails to acknowledge that a company can be profitable and still fail. “This is where many companies get tripped up,” said Brian Cairns

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Small Business Owners Getting Much-Needed Capital For Growth In 2018
Every founder has a story. Mine is not unlike many you’ve heard before: two young entrepreneurs looking to make a huge impact on the world.


The Complete Guide to Restaurant Profit Margins
The restaurant industry is not for the faint of heart. While passion is the spark that inspires restaurateurs to pursue their dreams, profit margins determine whether or not those dreams are a sustainable business.


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Just a few customers? Owner strategies in case any leave
NEW YORK — It's a scary but sometimes necessary way to operate — with only a few clients, and perhaps just one. But what if any of those customers leave in a short time span, erasing a significant chunk of revenue?


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26 Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Be More Efficient on Rescue a CEO
For every person including CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners there’s 24 hours in a day and the only way that entrepreneurs and business owners can maximize their day is to be more efficient and effective.



How to Develop Your Corporate Strategy (CEOs Share Best Tips and Tools)
Brian at ProStrategix shared a few favorite tools to use for external factors including: “market Opportunity Analysis (size, growth, competitive concentration), benefit need-gap within top markets, external force field analysis,” and “competitive assessment(s) in top markets.” .


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Freelancer or Full-time Staff? What’s the Best Fit?
Brian Cairns, founder of ProStrategix Consulting, says he likes to get a statement of work (SOW) from the contractor prior to the job. The purpose of the SOW is to have the contractor specify their methods, timing, and check-in points. The important distinction is that the contractor specifies how and when the work is done, not the contractee.