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MSN ~ Pharmacies


Here’s Why Pharmacies Are in the Back of the Store
“[p]utting the pharmacy in the back of the store is an almost invisible way stores trick you into spending more money. That's because prescriptions are "destination products," explains Brian Cairns, a marketing consultant who also has experience working with pharmacies.”

Readers Digest ~ Small Business Saturday

Reader's Digest

Why Small Business Saturday Is One of the Most Important Shopping Days of the Year
““Make a list of businesses near you that have similar clients or customers. It’s likely you share an interest in growing your businesses, so why not leverage them as your natural allies?” says Brian Cairns of ProStrategix Consulting.”

How would medicare for all impact SMB


How Would Medicare for All Impact Small Business
"With more employees, more options are available," said Brian Cairns, founder of ProStrategix Consulting. "If you have less than 20 employees, your options are limited. You are likely better off with reimbursing employees, who carry their own coverage."



Debt Service Coverage Ratio: What Is DSCR and How Do You Improve It?
The debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) compares a business’s level of cash flow to its debt obligations, calculated by dividing the business’s annual net operating income by the business’s annual debt payments.