Nurse Entrepreneurs – Next Big Trend in Healthcare?

Nurses have a unique skill set.  Because of this skill set, nurse entrepreneurs are in a unique position.  Since these skills are easily reapplied in the health and wellness industry, there are a number of new business opportunities available to them.

Starting a new business can be tough, but doable.  Nurse entrepreneurs, however, have a clear advantage vs. others in the health & wellness market.  Their knowledge of medicine, disease management, clinical training, and caregiving open up a number of possibilities. 

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Nurse Entrepreneurs: Ideas Based on Growing Trends in the Health & Wellness Market

There are several exciting trends in the healthcare market.  Nurse entrepreneurs are ideal for these ideas because they have the right skill set for the business.

First, Home Healthcare ain’t what it used to be

Concierge care is a fast-growth niche within the health and wellness space.  Since hospitals continue to push patients more and more into outpatient care, the need for assistance is greater than ever.  Patients are being discharged sooner.  As a result, they are left to manage post-operative pain, wound management, etc. on their own.  Few people know enough to manage this successfully.  Thus, having a nurse at home, or virtually, can be of great assistance and provide significant peace of mind.

Second, since Doctors don’t have time to consult people, nurse entrepreneurs can fill the void.

Again, nurse entrepreneurs are ideal candidates for this role.  Patients have questions.  Left to their own devices, they’re likely to look online for answers.  God knows what they’ll find.  This is especially true in chronic, complicated conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.  Nurse Healthcare consultants can fill that void.  Therefore, it’s a great idea for a new business.

Third, nurse entrepreneurs know Americans don’t take good care of themselves

Wellness coaching is booming.  Considering all the pre-diabetic cases that exist today, the demand for wellness coaching or disease prevention is high.  Nurses would make excellent wellness coaches because of their clinical training, patient experience, and disease management skills.

Forth, Holistic Care

Holistic medicine continues to gain acceptance as part of the standard medical practice.  Nurses with an interest in holistic care can do well in this industry.  For instance, partnering with a holistic care provider is one idea.  Another idea is creating a holistic care team. 

Fifth, as baby-boomers age, hospice care is expected to skyrocket.

Hospice care isn’t for everyone.  It’s a highly emotional time for both the patient and his or her family. Nurse entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to manage these patients and their families will be in high demand.

Finally, Nurse Entrepreneurs are Ideal for Health Education

One just needs to glance at the web to see the confusing morass of information that confronts patients.  Who better to translate this information to patients than nurses?  Who can sort through the bull and highlight the good?

For nurse entrepreneurs who are thinking about making the leap, we have a few posts that you might find helpful: “3 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Business”, “The Shocking Truth about Small Business”, “4 Simple Steps to Write a Successful Business Plan”, “3 Hacks to Get a Business Loan”.  There are also plenty of free sources of information available to use as well.

Now, has never been a better time to be a nurse entrepreneur.  We hope these ideas will jump-start some for you as well. For more thoughts, we recommend reading this Forbes article.

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