The Marketing Plan is The Key Driver of Revenue

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The Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan


The single most important element of the marketing plan is identifying and defining a distinct and reachable target.  The better defined and distinct the target is, the tighter, and likely, more motivating, the message will be.  For example, a target which is all adults will yield a message which is broad and likely generic.  This makes it less likely to be relevant, and more challenging to break-through the ad clutter.   Conversely, a target too narrowly defined can be difficult to reach cost-effectively.  Since the target definition drives the rest of the marketing plan, it is very important to get it right


Positioning focuses on how the business views itself within its competitive market.  It identifies and articulates how the business is unique, and how it distinguishes itself from its competition. It’s an important step in any business and marketing plan.  Investing time in developing a strong positioning will likely increase the effectiveness of both the business and marketing strategies. We provide a free tool that can help.


Branding creates a unique place within your customer’s mind. It leverages the use of your name, symbol, and/or message to distinguish your business within the market.


​The marketing message consists of three parts: the insight, the benefit, and the reasons to believe.


The most important step in developing an effective marketing message is the insight. An insight is defined as a statement that captures the target’s rational and emotional needs, and can be leveraged to change behavior. As much as we like to think of ourselves as rational, logical beings, humans are emotional decision markers, even in a business to business context. Think about why you keep using the same vendor. I’d venture to guess that the answer has more to do with ‘liking’ them or ‘understanding my business’ than product/service features and price. Businesses, products, and/or services that connect with people on a deeper level tend to do better and are harder to replace.


The benefit articulates how a business’ product or service delivers the rational and emotional needs of the target (insight).

Reasons to Believe

These are the two or three main reasons that a customer should believe that the company can deliver the benefit. They give the target permission to believe that the benefit is true


​This section defines how the message will be constructed, e.g. written, audio, video, etc.


This section typically covers the bulk of the marketing plan. Media selection and usage is highly dependent upon how the target most readily receives his or her information. Media includes:

  • Influencers/PR
  • Print, Radio, Television, Digital
  • Samples/Experiential
  • Word of Mouth
  • Ratings/Testimonials


​​A great plan includes a section on measurement.  It’s the way to understand how the plan is working, which sections are doing great, and which sections need to be improved

Lead Generation/Capture

​For service related business, this section outlines the sales funnel: how leads are generated, captured, cultivated, and converted.

Trial and Repeat

​​This section outlines how awareness is converted into trial, and how the business plans to encourage repeat business

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