When facing a dip in sales or hitting a plateau, it’s usually good to take a step back and do a full market assessment to make sure you’re maximizing your growth potential


The single most important thing a business can do is to identify and define a distinct and reachable target. The better defined and distinct the target is, the tighter--and likely, more motivating--the message will be.


If the target is too big, you risk not being relevant. Conversely, if it's too small, you'll run out of them. Since the target definition drives all of your marketing efforts, it is very important to get it right.
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Positioning focuses on how the business views itself within its competitive market. It identifies and articulates how the business is unique, and how it distinguishes itself from its competition. It’s an important step for any business


Investing time in developing a strong positioning will likely increase the effectiveness of both the business and marketing strategies. It clearly defines your place in market & why you are different.
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Branding creates a unique place within your customer’s mind. It leverages the use of your name, symbol, and/or message to distinguish your business within the market.

Importance of Branding

Most small businesses struggle with branding. Branding is a mental tool to get into the minds of your customers. It symbolized you in their memory. It provides instant recognition and links you to a set of benefits without saying a word.
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The elements of a persuasive message are the insight, the benefits, and the rationale. Of the three, the insight is the most important. People are motivated by emotions. An insight taps into those emotions needs.


The benefit is how we unique solve our customer's emotional need. Each business is different, but if you can be seen as solving an emotional need of a customer. A lasting bond is formed.
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How you deliver the message is sometimes as important as the message itself. Picking the right channel ensures that right message isn't delivered to the wrong person.


We need to figure out if the message was delivered to the right person and if some action was taken. All the work above is for naught if we don't see some change in behavior.
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Lead Generation & Capture

​For service related business, this section outlines the sales funnel: how leads are generated, captured, cultivated, and converted.

Conversion & Repeat

Here, we look at how a lead is converted into trial, and how the we plan to encourage repeat business. Repeat business account for a disproportionate share of revenue so we can't lose sight of it.
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