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All small businesses reach the point, where being a service or product expert just isn't enough. ProStrategix provides the guidance and business expertise needed to ensure that you have your best shot at success.


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Many of the challenges successful small business face arise from need to transition from an owner to a CEO
By analyzing and optimizing the business model & plan, you are much better equipped to deal with unexpected events
Raising funds may be one of the most daunting hurdles you face.  But, with guidance, you can avoid the most common pitfalls
Every plan we write comes with a full detailed, customized marketing plan. Without one, any business plan is incomplete.
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Who is ProStrategix Consulting?

ProStrategix exists to help small businesses succeed. Small business owners typically start their business because they love their product or service. In time, many discover that being a product/service expert  just isn’t enough. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next. This is where ProStrategix can help. We fill in those business expertise gaps to ensure that you have your best shot at continued success.  We help diagnose the business issues, redesign or modify the business model to address those issues, write  business plans, and help acquire funding.

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Transitioning to a CEO mindset

As an owner, you are used to complete control of the business. You are highly involved in the day-to-day operations, with intimate knowledge of all the details. By necessity, you have to play multiple roles and are not usually accustomed to delegating.  There is very little spare time to spend on optimizing the business model, systems & process.

As a CEO, you now have shared control of the business, where you focus more on strategy & growth and much less on the day-to-day.  You need to rely on others to manage the details of the business. Your focus shifts from doing to leading & managing.  Delegation becomes a way of life. Business systems & process are much more formalized and optimized, so they can make the business sustainable even with a change of control.


Business Model Development, Analysis, & Optimization

Few small business owners have time to optimize or to analyze their business model fully.  Many think, I made a profit, so I’m OK.   While this may be fine for now,  eventually, something unexpected happens.  Customers stop calling/coming. Competitors are offering better pricing.  The list goes on.

By analyzing and optimizing the business model, you are much better equipped to deal with unexpected events, to identify things that might cause them, and to find ways to prevent them.  In fact, businesses with a formalized model are twice as likely to grow versus those without one.



Market Assessment & Business Plan Writing

Investor Ready Plans

Raising funds to support your business may be one of the first and most daunting hurdles you face. At ProStrategix, we deliver customized business plans and marketing plans for investors, which showcase your idea and highlight why your company would be an attractive investment.

Lender Compliant

A well-crafted plan is often the deciding factor when seeking a loan.  At ProStrategix, we have seen the difference that a well-crafted marketing plan can make to a SBA application. We deliver customized business plans and marketing plans specifically designed for lenders

mistakes that can blow your pitchFundraising Advice & Guidance

Raising funds to support your business may be one of the first and most daunting hurdles you face.  It can be a very challenging road, but with guidance, you can avoid the most common pitfalls that start-ups face.

  1. Compelling pitch: It is critical to showcase your idea and highlight why your company would be an attractive investment in 30 seconds or less.
  2. Investor targeting: To whom would your pitch be the most appealing.
  3. Pitch deck development: With the audience in mind, you need to be able to sell you idea in 10 or so slides, so focus is key
  4. Business Plan: See our investor ready plans
  5. Due diligence: Few start-ups appreciate the time and effort required to complete a deal. Being organized upfront will save you weeks.


Go to Market Strategy

Many start-ups have a great idea, but don’t know the steps to turn that idea into reality.  While the path may be challenging, the steps are well known.  With guidance, many of the common pitfalls can be avoided saving both time and money.

  1. Corporate structure: Affects your personal risk, investor attractiveness, and long-term viability
  2. Proof of Concept: Vitally import to show that this idea has a sizeable and accessible market
  3. Understanding Capital (Financial & Human) Needs: Identifying your skill gaps is as important as identifying your capital needs.
  4. Obtaining funding: See our Fundraising Advice and Guidance Services
  5. Building scale: Requires capacity/inventory/space, talent, and robust business systems
  6. Launch: See our Marketing Plan services


Marketing Plan Development & Execution

To develop a successful marketing plan, we need to begin with a situational analysis

  • Customer – Defining the ideal target
  • Competition – Defining your competitive set
  • Collaborators – Who can help/hinder your success
  • Context – Defining the environmental factors

After we understand the market, we need to define our unique place within it by answering: What physical and emotional needs are we solving? How do we uniquely solve those needs? How do we prove we solve them?

With those element complete, we can start the plan with the business goals & marketing objectives.  The next step is to define the sales funnel – how we turn our targets into customers.  Then, we focus on building repeat & loyalty. Each plan comes with a full budget and performance metrics.


See what others are saying about us

ProStrategix is an outstanding business development consultant. He is a true expert with in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. ProStrategix has provided most valuable and creative guidance regarding optimal marketing strategy for my pharmaceutical start-up. He is a great communicator with strict adherence to deadlines. Highly recommended for anybody searching for a top-quality business development and marketing expert. I will certainly work with Brian on my future projects. Many thanks for a great job.
It has been a pleasure and I'm learning a lot. You are very good at what you do
AlexBoutique Fitness Client
"I had come to a point in my life when I was contemplating what should be the next phase. I had been happy in my previous careers, but felt like something was missing. Brian helped guide me in the right direction with his creative coaching methods, combined with his compassion to help, and his sincere interest in his clients. It was very nice to have such an experienced and knowledgeable professional to bounce ideas of off and to be in a zone where all ideas were welcomed and open for constructive discussion and planning. I highly recommend."
Shannon O.
"Working with Brian was an absolute pleasure. Coming from years of experience in an adjacent field, Brian was quick to become an expert in our market and propose inventive new ways of not only overcoming our obstacles, but propelling us forward with innovative new strategies. He was very respectful of the ideas and input of every person on our team, showing an authentic curiosity for our way of working and an eagerness to help."
Stephanie J.
"Spot on target! Brian is very focused on delivering on the objective of the project."
Siva T.
"Expectations were set up front and the product was delivered professionally and within stated timeframes. Would definitely recommend"
Eileen A.
Extremely pleased with the end product. Definitely would work with them again in the future.
Gabe T
Very Good Service
Sree T.


We help businesses large and small with their customized business planning and marketing planning needs.  We have also helped execute the marketing plans we build for those companies that are in need of support.

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